Best Fish Finder GPS 2017

If you are a fisherman or just a hobby fisher, but are having trouble finding enough fish to actually keep things interesting, you may want to give this a little read through. We’re here to talk about and review the best fish finder GPS (combo) systems. This is our top pick.

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO
Our Top Pick
Humminbird HELIX
Dual beam sonar
Garmin Echo 551dv
Can go to 2,300 feet
Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro
Advanced CHIRP technology

We don’t want to see you be unsuccessful in your fishing endeavors and the best way to do it is with a fish finder. We’re going to tell you absolutely everything that you need to know about these fantastic tools, plus of course we have quite the selection of different models, all of which we personally think are great options and might just tickle your fancy.

What We Think is The Best Fish Finder GPS

When it comes to finding fish to make your fishing trip a success, the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO is definitely in our opinion one of the best options to consider.

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO

This is in our opinion one of the best fish finder GPS systems for all of your fish finding needs. It has a number of really cool features that will fish up your boat’s fish cooler in no time at all.


The Deeper Smart Sonar PRO GPS fish finder is excellent because it can be simply attached to your fishing rod and cast from wherever you are to find fish. It is very small and lightweight, making it very easy to cast with just a limited bit of strength.

It contains a GPS and an offshore mapping feature that lets you map bottom contour features and fishing areas so you know exactly where you should be fishing to make your catch. This real time bathymetric mapping feature lets you improve your fishing efficiency by finding the best locations to hunt in.

For increased convenience this fish finder can be connected to any smart phone so you can display the information in the palm of your hand. This lets you display information right in your hand, information that was previously only able to be displayed with a fishing boat’s advanced systems.

This particular model also lets you choose between higher and lower sonar frequencies. The higher frequencies are great for clear water and the lower frequencies are perfect for muddy water so you can filter out image distractions.

It’s a really neat fish finder because it can be used from shore, your boat, your kayak, or even for ice fishing too. This model even comes with a special ice fishing mode to make those cold days just a little bit easier.

This thing can easily differentiate between your lures, fish, rocks, submerged wood, and the bottom of the water in order to give you accurate fish location info to maximize your fishing results.

Something else we like about this item is that it only needs to be charged for 1 hour in order to use it, plus 1 charge lasts close to 6 hours of continuous use. Even better is the fact that this GPS fish finder can be used in both fresh and salt water for maximum versatility.


  • 5.5 hour battery life.
  • Works in salt and fresh water.
  • Dual frequency sonar for diverse water conditions.
  • Can be used on and offshore.
  • Advanced bathymetric mapping system.
  • Real time mapping.
  • Unlimited data fishing.
  • Works for ice fishing too.


  • May have some trouble connecting to the wifi.

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6 Other GPS Fish Finders To Consider

While in our opinion the Deep Smart Sonar Pro is the best option to go with, you may not be of that opinion, which is why we’ve gone out of our way to provide you with 6 other options that you might like a little more.

1. Humminbird HELIX 5

This is another fantastic option to go with because it comes with all of the necessary features to help you find fish with ease.


One of the best features of the Humminbird HELIX 5 is that it comes with spectacular down imaging so you can map the features of an area of water easier than ever. It has no problem differentiating between fish, the water bed, and inanimate objects to give you an accurate and useful contour map.

Even better is that it comes with a fantastic color display so you can see all of the details with optimal clarity. It comes with a dual beam sonar function so that it will work in both clear and murky waters, plus it also has a 4000 watt PTP power output for maximum range.

This thing features a precision internal GPS chart plotting system with built in UniMap cartography. It also has a micro SD card slot so you can insert optional maps or save old ones, plus you can save waypoints with the gimbal mounting system.

To improve your fishing experience even more, this thing also has a temperature display so you can see how warm the water is, which will translate into knowing where the fish are.


  • Dual beam sonar.
  • Works in murky and clear conditions.
  • Advanced color display.
  • Superior down imaging.
  • 4000 watt PTP power output.
  • Precision chart plotting with UniPar Cartography.


  • Charts have to be purchased separately.
  • Needs extra equipment to work as a bottom finder.

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2. Garmin Echo 551dv Worldwide

Another good option to consider is the Garmin Echo Worldwide GPS fish finder and it’s thanks to the fact that it has some really great features that will make your fishing experience much more successful.


One of our favorite parts about this particular fish finder is that it comes with an all in one transducer that gives you an advanced HD-ID image as well as down view scanned images, both of which are simultaneously displayed on a horizontally or vertically split screen.

The details that you can see on your display are so clear that it is almost like a photograph so you can see all of the details and the structure of the water bed under your boat. The bright high resolution VGA display is masterful at delivering crisp and clear imaging for ease of use.

Something else we really like about this fish finder is that it works in both extremely shallow water as well as waters up to a depth of 2,300 feet, making it very long reaching indeed.

Even better is the fact that it has narrow to wide viewing angles that give you a great picture of the water beyond the sides of your boat. Water contouring has never been easier than with the Garmin Echo Worldwide.

We also like the fact that it has a peak power output of 4,000 watts, making it a very strong unit. It even comes with a low profile trolling motor transducer and a quick release tilt/swivel mount for easy installation and mounting.


  • 4,000 watt power output.
  • Can go to 2,300 feet in depth.
  • Great viewing angles.
  • Provides a fantastic down view.
  • Easy to install and mount.
  • User friendly nature.
  • HD crystal clear imaging.
  • Accurate water temperature readings.


  • Cable is a little short.
  • Lacking in manual settings.

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3. Raymarine Dragonfly-4 Pro

This fish finder GPS is excellent for finding fish in a variety of depths and works great in a number of weather and water conditions. It is a great choice for anyone that needs a reliable fish finding tool on their boat.


One of the really great features that comes with this GPS fish finder is the fact that it has a dual frequency sonar. One of the frequencies for photo like images and advanced water contouring and the other frequency is for the precise targeting of fish.

The display is a high definition LED display so you can see pictures with optimal clarity.
This dual function feature definitely makes the Raymarine a worthwhile investment and the CHIRP sonar technology only serves to make things even easier.

Something else that is great about this fish finder is that it has a built in 50 channel GPS with built in WiFi so you can stream the sonar images over your smartphone.

Another thing that is very beneficial about this fish finder is that it has vision to get a clear picture of everything under your boat, plus it has very wide viewing angles so you can see the picture of what’s going on beside your boat too.

The other cool part about this fish finder is that it includes maps and contours of US lakes, rivers, and coastal maps too, plus it even has a temperature sensor as well.


  • Stream everything over your smart phone.
  • Comes with built in maps.
  • Advanced CHIRP technology.
  • Photo like images of the water bed.
  • Special dual frequency sonar for targeting fish and objects.
  • Wide angle view for optimal fish finding vision.

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4. Garmin Striker 4

This is a high quality GPS fish finder that will give you a clear picture of everything under and around your boat, something which is necessary for finding fish. It’s a great, durable, and reliable option to go with.


One of the things we love about this particular fish finding system is that it has a built in flasher which lets you see the sonar data in classic flasher format, something that makes it great for vertical jigging and ice fishing too.

Another thing we really like about this fish finder is that it has a waypoint map so you can easily mark, view, and navigate locations with ease while being able to see where things like downed wood, brush, and contour changes are.

The next thing that makes this fish finder so great is that it uses CHIRP sonar to send a continuous sweep of frequencies to provide a wide range of information and give you a crisp and clear image of fish, their location, and their separation from each other.

That is combined with the CLEARVU Scanning Sonar that shows you what is under your boat and around your boat with picture clear clarity. It gives you realistic and precise representations of structures, objects, and the fish you are hunting.

We also really like the fact that this item comes in various display sizes, plus it is very easy to use and install as well. It’s a great item to have on a large fishing boat, a small dingy, or on your kayak too.


  • Continuous sweep of sonar frequencies.
  • Precise targeting and separating of fish.
  • Realistic picture clear imaging.
  • Great picture of under and around your boat.
  • Ideal for bottom contouring.
  • Great for ice fishing.
  • Display comes in a variety of sizes.
  • Easy to use and install.


  • Moisture may penetrate the display screen.
  • Does not seem to work well in salt water.

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5. Venterior Portable Fish Finder

Yet another great fish finding option is the Venterior Portable Fish Finder. It works in a wide variety of conditions, it can see the bottom of the water, and it will let you see all of the fish that are under and around your boat.


One of the things which we really like about the Venterior Portable Fish Finder is that it is very convenient to use in a number of circumstances. It comes with a floating sensor so you can cast it off of a dock, a boat, a kayak, or even for ice fishing too.

It comes with a 25 foot long cable and a removable transducer float so you can toss it into the water and have it read information from quite a distance away, plus it comes with special mechanisms so you can attach it to your boat so you can slowly drag it along as you fish.

You will really appreciate the fact that this thing can identify fish, weeds, reeds, sand, rocks, and contour changes in the bottom of the water. It can also read water depth as well as temperature, plus it can handle depths anywhere from 1 meter to 100 meters.

It’s also really cool because this thing can display the water depth in feet and meters. This thing also works great because it has a nifty HD display that brings you crystal clear images where differentiation is made very easy.

Another great part about this particular fish finding GPS is that it lets you choose between sonar frequencies so you can identify both small and large fish as well as debris floating around in the water.

It’s also really neat because it has 5 different sensitivities, it has a battery saver mode, a backlight mode, a fish alarm mode, and a unit of measure mode.


  • Works in shallow and deep water.
  • Great HD display.
  • User friendly.
  • Different sonar sensitivities.
  • Has a floating sensor.
  • Can identify things like sand, rocks, reeds, and wood.


  • Doesn’t work too well in very cold conditions.
  • Floating debris may impact the usefulness.

6. Lowrance 000-11448-001 Elite

The final in the list of our top fish finders is the Lowrance Elite and there is good reason for it. This is a very high powered and reliable fish finding GPS that will let you easily differentiate fish from inanimate objects and will definitely help you fill the cooler very quickly.


Something that we really like about this fish finder is the display which is high definition and is very easy to see in both the sunlight and in dark conditions.

There is also the fact that this item is very user friendly and even easier to read. What’s also really neat is that this item comes with a quick release swivel and tilt mounting bracket for ease of use and mounting.

Another thing that is great about the Lowrance Fish Finder is that it uses dual frequency sonar in order to identify different sizes of fish. Even better is that this fish finder has a broadband sounder to help identify fish, bottom contour, structure detail, bottom hardness, and much more.

Finding fish has never been easier than with this particular sonar system.
The next thing that is so fantastic about this item is that the 83 kHz sonar can provide you with up to 60 degrees of conical coverage which is great for displaying large fish arches and searching large injuries.

There is also the fact that the 200 kHz frequency provides you with up to 20 degrees of conical coverage which is great for lure tracking, enhanced fish target separation, and for drop shotting techniques.


  • Dual sonar frequencies.
  • Great for fish identifying and bottom contouring.
  • Works well in many different conditions.
  • Awesome display.
  • Very user friendly.
  • Ideal for shallow and deep water.


  • Some inconsistencies with water depth readings.

Why Do You Need A Fish Finder GPS

A fish finder GPS is a very valuable tool to have with you when you go fishing and that is the case whether you are on your dock, in a kayak, or on your boat too. The fish you are going for will often be too deep to see, which is why a GPS or sonar system is the best option.

Fish finders are amazing tools and they can do things such as finding the bottom of the water, contouring the bottom, finding inanimate objects, finding different sizes of fish, and for finding whole schools of fish too. These things can usually identify water temperatures and are a fisherman’s number one tool for finding the fish which you are on the hunt for.

Different Types Of Fish Finders

There are a few different types of fish finders out there and each one has their own specific uses, some being better than others, but this will, depend on the amount of money that you are willing to spend on the finder in question.

The Standalone

These fish finders are the most basic type of unit and they do not contain any kind of GPS function. They use simple sonar to display what is under your boat and they can identify fish, bottom contours, and help you find whole schools of prey.

These things usually only show you what is under your boat, they can sometimes display what is under the sides of your boat and they also usually have a fairly large screen. This type of fish finder is ideal for small boats, small rivers, and small inland lakes.

Sometimes these units to have the ability to be hooked up with a separate GPS device for increased versatility, but that if course comes at a cost.

The Combination Plotter

This is a more advanced type of fish finding system and the main reason as to why it is so advanced is because it utilizes GPS to provide you with a better fish finding experience. They are a little more expensive than the standalone versions, but the features are well worth it.

The GPS lets you search in a very large area, they let you find big schools of fish, they let you get accurate contour and depth readings, and a whole lot more including things like plotting charts.

The Networked System Fish Finder

These are the most advanced kind of fish finders and they are a little more expensive because of that. On the other hand they employ virtually every piece of technology available to mankind in order to find fish.

These things use sonar, GPS, radar, raster and vector, GPS charts, video feed, satellite radio, and a few other pieces of technology to help you find schools of fish, single big fish, identify depth, water currents, and temperature, plus some other cool things too.

How To Use A Fish Finder

Using a fish finding tool is not very difficult, but you will need to follow a few simple directions in order to use it properly. First of all, the very first thing you need to do is to read the user manual in order to find out exactly how your particular model works.

The next step is to mount your fish finder to your boat using whatever type of mount that was provided with it.

Now it is time to turn it on and just remember that it will be in automatic mode at this point. Once you get more familiar with the settings and intricacies of your specific model, you can start using the manual settings. After you become more familiar with it you can start tweaking the features, things like which frequencies you are using and the sensitivity.

You should at this point also start turning off the Fish-ID feature so you can begin to learn how to read natural fish arches without beginner’s assistant tools such as Fish-ID. You can also use the automatic bottom finding feature to find the bottom of the water, or you can set the max and min depth to change the display window on your receiver and change how far down is being scanned.

You can use something called the depth cursor to identify just how deep certain fish are. In essence, simply turn the thing on, let it send out its sonar signal, and you can then identify where the fish are. These are pretty simple tools to use!


When it comes to the best fish finder GPS, you would definitely be wise to go with one of the options we’ve listed above. When it comes to their features and capabilities they are no doubt your best shot of finding as may fish as you can haul in. Just keep in mind what your needs are in order to determine which fish finder GPS is best for you. If you have any questions or comments about these fantastic tools please feel free to leave use a comment.

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